Where to download Bear 2.0 private beta?

I think Bear 2.0 private beta. is different from Panda editor, but I can’t find link to download it.
Where to find it?

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Hello. Can I get access to Bear2 macos beta?

You have to reply in the topic Eleanor linked…

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Ah I’m sorry😅 I confused

Hi, I’d like access please! Thank you :slight_smile:

If it’s anything like Panda, I’d love to get access to the Bear 2.0 beta. :smiley:

I’d like access to test and comment on the beta please. And the iOS one when it comes out. For the third time of asking…

Hi Team, could I possibly have access to Bear 2.0 beta, please? According to the wife, I have everything that apple make (not true), I still have a wish list lol

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Please drop a comment here, we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Hi team, I would be very interested in try to help you bug fix the beta, let me know if I can help, best wishes

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