Workspaces in Bear?

I love Bear and I love what you’re doing with it, please keep up the amazing work! This feedback isn’t about the new features in the Alpha, I’m excited to see them ship someday in Bear. This is rather about a new feature request.

See, just like everyone else, I probably collect over a dozen notes every day. These are work notes, personal notes, my knowledge notes, shopping lists, whatever. Work and personal notes can be (should be?) short lived, especially if you’re managing a GTD-type system where you send notes first to an Inbox, process them, and then eventually archive/delete them once their utility is over. Or you don’t, that’s up to you. Similarly you’ll usually just delete your grocery list once you’re back from shopping.

But if you’re using Bear as your knowledge graph as well — and Bear’s note linking feature is almost good enough to build your own Zettelkasten in it — you’ll likely never delete your notes. In fact, you’ll keep building upon the same notes over and over until you’ve perfected them. And then one day you’ll have collected enough material to write a book from it, hopefully.

I think it’s clear that these are two very different use cases that Bear enables but currently doesn’t provide a way to segregate. Yes, the tagging system is outstanding and extremely useful, but it doesn’t help me separate my areas of concern (persona/work/journal/knowledge) where I’d like to keep each of these worlds apart — and ideally without causing tag collisions. Similarly, I would also like to switch Bear to exclusively show my work notes in an office setup and not lay bare my personal/inner life to my coworkers. Or simply, when I just want to focus on a particular type of work, or set of notes, or an aspect of my life for doing some focused work. In fact, I’m currently forcing myself to try Obsidian because I want to maintain exactly this kind of a separation in my knowledge graph from the rest of my notes.

This can be made possible if Bear let me choose different workspaces/vaults/folders or whatever you may call it to keep different types of notes in completely different places. This would make a tremendous impact on the way I (and I’m sure others) use Bear. Please do consider it if possible and keep up the awesome work. Thanks!


I wrote this post a long time ago, hoping it receives some traction. I’d like to bump this thread again in the hope that the Bear devs/community mods take note and maybe comment on this with what they think about this request? Thanks!

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I hadn’t seen this post but fundamentally agree, thanks for bumping @prashaantt ! It would probably only take like adding a column and a table to the sqlite database and a slight modification to the view to achieve and would dramatically help me. Currently i actually use a second app for work notes because otherwise my search results in bear (like most people, i find it way easier to just search glubally than to find a tag and search under that heading) are not very specific to matching my query.

I understand how tags work, however, Here is my use case: i collect a ton of notes at work but also for research. When at work, i want to search for things that i saved for work, but in research want to search for research, but the same terms might be tagged in both.

Obviously i could make a ‘research’ and ‘work’ tag, but mentally it’s just confusing because you can’t pin tags and so i don’t want to scroll all my tags to find the tag (my actual work isn’t in tech or programming and requires quick access to information, and bear’s excellent search is why i originally adopted the platform) i am using to sort between work and research.

Workspaces would dramatically help me, but i’ve never really felt it appropriate to ask since no one else seems to deeply want them

I originally had thought that workspace is not needed, but as I continue to use Bear for multiple purposes I started to agree on this concept. Although one small wish is that I would like to be able to hide the workspace name as I am not a big fan of the ‘account’ image showing every where on my screen. :stuck_out_tongue:
It is a very nifty and minor visuals that I like about Bear haha.


while this is hot. I agree, workspaces would be very nice! like personal and work. My current work around is using a tag “me” and a tag “work” then all other tags fall under as subtags. this works but is not ideal because I can’t really use the Notes, Untagged, Todo, Today, Locked buttons and stay within my fake workspaces.

As someone who really wants workspaces, i think it’s fair to point out that to my understanding, this forum is supposed to be about improving the panda editor itself, not overall bear, so I can understand if the devs want to focus only on issues raised with the editor’s development. And workspaces might simply be antithetical to the overall design principles that bear devs cherish.

For those interested, the app betterthings (far less featured than bear overall; i only use it for a narrow usecase of logging cases that I’d rather do in bear but keep separate for reasons i outlined above) implements workspaces very well

Ooh yes,

seems to do the workspace in a very clean fashion. :smiley:

I totally agree with that request. Workplaces, Notebooks or how ever you want to call them are useful to seperate things that don’t belong together.

There are furthermore desirable sideeffects of workplaces or notebooks. They help to prevent endless list of notes in the notes-list or a huge collection of tags in the left sidebar. It would help to have a better overview.

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Hi @prashaantt

Thank you for the initial post, and for giving it a bump! It sparked an interesting discussion within the team.

Long story short, it’s not a feature that we’re planning to implement in the short term.

It would be nice to have and it’s something we can re-visit and re-discuss amongst the team after 2.0 to see if it would make sense for Bear.

Hoping this helps!

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