Bear note link should be pasted as wikilink in search bar, not as markdown link

When we “copy link to note” in Bear and paste it inside Bear note editor, the link is formatted as wikilink. When we paste it elsewhere, it is pasted as markdown link. But when we paste it into Bear search bar, it is also pasted as markdown link. Which is useless, as we will rarely have Bear links as markdown links saved in Bear notes (because Bear wikilinks are standard - forced when typing, copying, pasting etc). So it would be logical that Bear link would be pasted as wikilink in search bar, the same as in note editor.

Usecase is of course finding all links to particular note (similar to backlinks pane, but you can use all the filtering / sorting options of note list) by quickly copying link to note and pasting it into search bar. (Now I have to copy title of the note and paste it into search bar)

Yes, I think you are right and I’ll check what we can do have to the Wiki link pasted instead of the MD link.