Can't paste anything into a table cell

Testing version: Desktop version 1.0 (3146)

What were you doing: Copy text from outside of a table and paste it into a table cell

What feature did you use: Tables in Panda, cmd+v, and paste from the context menu

What happened: Nothing happens when pasting text into a table cell with cmd+v. If you right click in the table cell and select paste from the context menu, the app crashes.

What did you expect to happen: The copied text should have been pasted into the table cell.

Here is a link to a google drive video where you can see me do this:

Just discovered this looks like a duplicate of this bug. I didn’t catch it previously because the other bug doesn’t mention tables in the title. Feel free to snag the video I added before closing this.

Hello and thanks for reporting this bug. I do think this is the same bug you mentioned but we are having a hard time simulating the issue. Can you please tell me which version of macOS you are running?

Never mind I got it :sweat_smile: