Feature request: multi-window feature


When opening multiple notes, it would be helpful if notes open right next to the others vertically. I couldn’t find good examples of this feature but Obsidian window will be the closest one.

When I start writing notes with Bear, having more than four or five notes on my desktop is very common, and arranging them is a work. I know there are a few window management apps, such as Magnet, but they have some limitations (can only put three windows vertically, etc).

It will be grateful if you guys consider an in-built multi-window feature in Bear 2.0 or in some point.:slightly_smiling_face:


I thought also about an internal windows management of opened single notes. But I also had another idea. What do you think about a single-window solution? I mean that multiple notes opened at once are opened inside a single window where they are listed vertically side to side. 3 until 5 notes, depending if you have a MacBook or an iMac, easily could be placed

I agree. Similarly to obsidian split pane, also Noteplan 3 split-pane/split-window function is very well implemented. This is something I would really appreciate in Bear 2.0, as having only independent windows has its own advantages, however it takes time to tidy them (when not using window-management app) and with more windows open (3-5 etc) it starts to clutter quickly.

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Opening several notes in a single widow will be an idea. Other note taking apps have this feature, which makes me want to migrate to those apps. But I feel like those apps are more close to terminal rather than note taking app :frowning: