Feature Request: PDF export font size

Have loved Bear for a long time and am really enjoying Bear 2.0. Thanks devs for crafting a beautiful and simple app with just enough power and customizability to meet my writing needs.

One missing feature that would make the app perfect for me would be more customization with pdf exports. A lot of my writing in Bear is typing up outlines to be used for presentation notes. I love the beauty of how the text looks in Bear and want to use it how I see it in Bear. However, PDF export seems to default to a default theme/font size that cannot be changed. It would be amazing if PDF export could either reflect the current theme/font size in the editor or be customized upon export. Especially, the font size would be helpful as the default is too small for me to use as presentation notes. Of course other options like margins, page size, etc. would all be great. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, in browsing the forum I’ve seen similar things brought up and I believe some level of customization for PDF exports is in the works. I just wanted to add my thoughts and specific request for changing the font size. Thanks!

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