Foldable Headers and request for SEARCH, Auto-Table of Contents

I really like the foldable Headers feature. I would strongly suggest a global command to fold all headers (except those that contain other headers), such that the entire document is compacted, but all headers are still visible.

As a corollary to this feature, I would be elated with a automatic table of contents feature. I’m not sure about having it within the document itself, but perhaps as pop-up (on macOS) along with the top-right (i) icon or vertical … icon.

This all integrates with search. When searching for text or tags globally, I want to find all the notes with them, but most importantly I want to see as quickly as possible all the areas of the individual notes that contain the text or tag. I would love to see the list of found notes indicate how many instances were found in each note, and the ability to quickly go to them. I find having to search globally, and then click in the note and search again within the note to be ridiculous. I should just be able to scroll through (or Cmd-G or down-key) all the search results globalyl and see the terms found in context. I’m thinking Headers might the solution: in the middle pane notes list, when a search is performed, under the note entry, you can list the note’s headers that reference the sections that have that search text in them (the actual content would still be displayed in the third pane–the note content). Then tapping the down key goes from search result header to header (with the number of found instances indicated somewhere) or even search result to search result, and then when the note has no more search results, down key (or Cmd-G) moves to the next note and its first header with a search result.

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I would really like a insertable TOC that automatically adds all headers and indents headers of a lower level. Thanks for considering.

A big Plus One to ces3001’s suggestions:

The foldable headers makes working with longer notes more manageable. A real TOC would escalate this benefit considerably! Adding an optional additional column to the sidebar would work for me. (An exemplar: Typora’s.)

Thank you.

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I just wanted to add my support for global fold/unfold. As I’ve been using the editor, the folding headers have been terrific, but it can be annoying to have to manually fold all the headers except the one I wan to work under. It would be easier to globally fold all and then unfold only the ones I want. Contra ces301’s suggestion, I would have the command trigger folding of all headers, including those that have further sub-headers below them. Thanks!

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A auto-generated table of contents would be awesome.
It can be in a mini-map kind of way (floating to the left or right) like the Xcode mini-map. Then no matter how long a note is you have easy access to see the different sections of a note

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+1 for auto-generated table of contents & +1 for global fold/unfold.

When notes go beyond 12 headers, they become difficult to navigate and comprehend (for example, if you were writing a book summary). These features would improve Bear as a reference tool.

Hi folks,

I’m happy to say that both automatic ToC and shortcuts for folding/unfolding are on our list.

At the moment we’re pushing for releasing the iOS version of the editor, but as soon as we’re done with that we’re going to add more core features to it :slight_smile: