Improvements to the core editing experience (10757)

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  • Handling of backticks for code blocks and code cause issues if not closed, see: Backticks break images and sketches E.g. converting hyphens to emdashes inside code blocks (auto-pair would resolve this).
  • Typing > "a quote" will use the wrong smart quotes, whereas adding the block quote > later works fine.
  • TODOs can only be typed with - [ ] whereas GitHub and Visual Studio Code also support * [ ] . Bear supports both * and - for bullets, so why not for TODOs?
  • Pressing Command-B, Command-I, and typing “some text” does not result in bold-italics — it strips off the bold and just leaves italics — whereas adding the bold/italics after works.
  • Pressing Command-I followed by Command-B results in a horizontal rule (line separator)
  • If you start typing a link in by hand, [Text]( it would be nice if pasting a link from the clipboard didn’t paste the title [Text]([Title](https://...) (workaround is Paste From Plain Text)

I made a nice little TODO list in Bear for testing future betas. :bear: