Obsidian Importer


We worked on an importer for Obsidian’s vaults and I’d like to have some feedback about it.
If someone is willing to test it, please drop a line here.



I’ll test it for you. :+1:

While not specific to the importer -

on iPad, when importing an obsidian note that contains YAML front matter, Bear adds a leading # to the first line (#—). I suppose this is because Obsidian allows you to fold the front matter? Anyway, once imported into Bear, Bear recognizes the first line as a header 1.

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I assume because in your case new notes are created with a header (an option in bear preferences). Nevertheless this could be adressed by adding the header under the yaml-block

Thanks. I changed the Bear setting to Create new notes with “empty”. But the result is the same - the first line containing — is imported as a header. I can change the Bear import to “Use file name as title” and the formatting is correct but then it is not recognized as YAML front matter. As you mention, it’s a simple process to correct - but it’s a manual process.

Anyway, I realize it’s not a Bear issue.