Overall thoughts?

I tested Panda throughout its lifecycle but due to my Mac not being able to run TestFlight, I’ve not been able to test Bear v2 and it’s sync with iOS. With the release of the beta publicly on iOS there was a natural spike in bug reports here, but that’s to be expected.
So my question is, how far from a proper App Store release do you reckon we are?

The devs are working dead hard on fixing the issues. I was pleasantly surprised on the spike of bug reports and felt the importance of large testing samples :eyes::eyes:
My personal thought is late Q2 or perhaps Q3 at the latest but I am no dev or part of the team. So maybe earlier or later than that.

It’s feeling very solid on my side? Only a couple relatively minor bugs so far. As Eleanor said, the devs are releasing new updates super frequently fixing many of the glaring bugs, they’re doing a damn fine job of it!

All that said, Shiny Frog is usually pretty conservative with their release schedules, so I’d suggest it might be a while before a store release yet.

It’ll be officially released after this happens, I’d guess.

The bug reports keep climbing and now we have people stuck with the beta on MacOS who can’t use their iOS devices as that side of the beta is full. Eek!

I’ve seen some bugs. Part of Bear’s appeal is that it’s rock solid so I really hope they make damn sure it’s very stable before they release it.

Panda stand-alone was really solid so I’m hopeful. Their email at the start of the week indicated that they are looking at releasing in a month or two. I don’t think they’ll release before they are really certain it’s good to go.