Support inline embedding of video file

I wish a new feature.

When a video file appears in a note, it can be shown in an “embedded” style, i.e., a system video player is placed inline with other content. We can play or pause the video playing directly in the note. Or if downgraded, a preview of the video is shown inline with other content in note.

Many regards,


Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

Regarding embedding videos, we’ve decided against adding the ability to play videos inside the Editor at the moment.

We agree that it could be of benefit, but we also have to consider does it make sense for Bear?, and what the possible drawbacks of adding it are.

Therefore, as noted, we ultimately decided against adding the ability for now.

However, if anything was to change regarding this though we’d let the community know!

This is something i am interested in too.


  1. I use Bear and Panda to prepare my blog posts or articles to be published on the web
  2. I prefer videos over gifs because with correct compression mp4s are much smallers than gifs.
  3. I like to see a preview of the video when I prepare my article without having to click on it. When I say preview I mean to see the first image = frame of the video.

Right now We see the first frame with gifs but not with videos.
We can still plays videos by double clicking on them. It is fine in my opinion and does not give the responsibility to Bear to implement a video player (no extra complexity).

But If we could have Bear show the first frame that would be a nice quality of life improvement.