Table Header Styles

We need some kind of Table Header formatting. Obviously you could just bold your links, but we need something a bit more cleaner like the header styles!

I like the way Typora does it where the first line is automatically bolded. Some styles even use a different color or some kind of darker line underneath!


We’re going to do a lot of changes to the tables, we’ll keep this into consideration.

I personally dislike the bold header row in Version 1.0 (415).

Bear shouldn’t assume that every table will use a header row. Some tables use a header column instead. For example, see the “Important Links” table in the Panda welcome document.

Also, this header row style is inconsistent with markdown syntax where bold items are surrounded by **asterisks**. See this related thread where you all decided to remove the strikethrough for the checkbox style.



We’re still thinking about this, the Markdown format is explicitly marking the first row as a header, so the new behaviour is the correct/standard one, BUT I understand your point and that’s why we didn’t had it in the first iteration.

We don’t have a solution right now, but we’re brainstorming on it :slight_smile:

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Instead of automatically bolding the top row and treating it as a header, it would be nice to be able to selectively treat rows and columns as headers, adding and removing ** asterisks as necessary to be consistent with the Markdown markup. Here’s an example of a typical table for me:

I’ve only been using the new editor a few days ago (starting with Version 1.0 (415)), but I know I will be using tables quite a bit when the new editor makes it into Bear.

I agree, I feel like if a table needs a table header row, it should be an option to add one when clicking the three-dot menu for the table (or when writing in pure markdown). The HTML output neither defines the top row as being contained within a <thead>, nor the cells as <th>, they resemble every other row as <tr> and <td>'s, meaning that sharing using copy as html option won’t correctly translate in another program. the markdown copy does follow standard markdown correctly but assumes that the first row is always a header. copying and pasting a markdown table that has no header row from a markdown file does not translate into a table in Panda.

@matteo @trix180 is bear going to move forward always assuming that tables have to have a header ?
That is with a first row that will automatically be formatted, regardless of what I specify ?

I’m writing correspondance tables between 3-4 languages and don’t need headers, so I don’t really like having the first row bolded.

Yes, we are moving in this direction. Unfortunately, this is a limit of the MD tables’ as they are used by tools such as GitHub.

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The heading in markdown syntax is mandatory. But is the rendering of the content of the header in bold fonts mandatory to the same extent?


Sorry for that. I should have tried a markdown table generator before asking such a dumb question :roll_eyes: Ignore the post, please