Tag Line Divider and Ability to Uppercase Tags

These are two features that I would love to see implemented within Bear.

Tag Line Divider:
Having the ability to separate different sections (maybe even fold sections) would be a great addition. This way I can divide out Work, Personal, and Misc tags and fold sections for easier visibility.

UpperCase Tags:
Maybe it is my OCD but I dislike how I can uppercase a tag when typing notes but not visbilty see the tag uppercased within my tag system on the left side. I don’t always like to put a space between my characters. Example: within my notes, my tag can be #JobNotes# . But within my tag system, on the left side, it will appear as jobnotes. Visually it is not appealing and very hard to read.

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It may not be appealing but it makes sense to interpret the tags lowercase to prevent that “JobNotes”, “Jobnotes” and “jobnotes” are interpreted as multiple tags rather than the same